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Chooter is a new way to prepare for admission tests.
We research, analyse and plan your process so you don’t have to.

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Why Chooter?

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Through years spent successfully tutoring students for the hardest entrance exams in the country we have developed strategies to help students improve their performance across all areas measured by admission tests.


Even with years of experience, we don't rely on our own expertise. We carry out extensive data analysis on student preparation and using the latest machine learning technology we have developed a process that is personalised, reliable and right for you.

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As education experts we know that you learn better when you're enjoying yourself. That's why Chooter is developed to be fun and engaging for students studying for any test.



Tutoring for admission tests is expensive and can cost up to £150 per hour.

Low quality

The quality of practice questions is low and 75% of students are seeking extra resources

Not 24/7 on-demand

Tutors aren't always available when you need them most

What our users have to say

I improved my performance by over 50% in just over a week. My only regret is that I did not start earlier!

K. Liu, China

I was already performing well but I wanted a boost to my confidence and I also jumped up 5 marks too… the depth of understanding of the TSA that went into every lesson was so helpful. Thank you for everything

James P, UK

How Chooter Works

Games that assess student performance using hundreds of pieces of data

1. Assess your needs

You start by filling out an assessment form that will help us understand where you can improve and how.

2. Study smart, not just hard

Chooter uses questions that are based on real tests and years of tutoring experiencing with students.

3. Get better everyday

Chooter is an A.I.-based education platform. The more you use it, the better it understands your skills and weaknesses to give you the practise, tips and tricks that you really need.


We guarantee satisfaction. If you work hard but don’t see the results you want, you’ll receive a full refund!

When it comes to your future, you shouldn't be left guessing.

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