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Do Terminators dream of Unicorns?

The prominent non-profit AI researchers OpenAI set out to train a piece of software to predict the next word in a sentence. They accidentally created something extraordinary. Robot reporter Meet GPT-2, a piece of AI software that researchers in California have been training to generate new text from a short introduction. The result is so […]

How to learn anything part 1: Procrastination

How to learn anything part 1: Procrastination

The first in our series of pieces about education and how to improve any and every skill you want deals with the most common hurdle the average student facesā€Šā€”ā€Šprocrastination. Recognising the problem Every procrastinator has, at some point in their life, heard the wonderfully helpful advice ā€œstop procrastinatingā€, ā€œconcentrateā€ or ā€œjust do itā€. But if avoiding […]


The Half-Life of Memory

Over 300 million users, 99 language courses available, machine learning driven lessons and one very persistent owl. DuoLingo is a pretty impressive resource, but what makes it special? As one of the foremost language education platforms in the world, DuoLingo provides top quality tuition for over 300 million total users. Using an eclectic mix of […]


A fresh look at AptitudeĀ Tests

Why are NFL players like Cambridge Economics students? Aptitude tests exist in many forms and fulfil many functions, but despite their ā€˜scientificā€™ nature our approach to them in many ways remains archaic. The man who broke the mould In 1995 Mike Mamula impressed his way into the 7th overall spot in the NFL draft, blowing away […]