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A fresh look at Aptitude Tests

Why are NFL players like Cambridge Economics students?

Aptitude tests exist in many forms and fulfil many functions, but despite their ‘scientific’ nature our approach to them in many ways remains archaic.

Mathematics, Machine Learning… Mike Mamula !

The man who broke the mould

In 1995 Mike Mamula impressed his way into the 7th overall spot in the NFL draft, blowing away the predictions of pundits and experts.

This decision followed Mamula throughout his career; meaning enormous salaries and a place in the annals of NFL history. All of this because of his performance in a single physical aptitude test: The NFL combine

Mamula: an unwitting game-changer

The NFL combine is an opportunity for players to showcase their abilities across specially chosen physical tests. Mamula was not average, even for an NFL player, but his structured training for the combine resulted in an exceptional performance and massive success in the draft.

At the time Mamula was a villain rather than a visionary but ultimately his approach has been adopted by most athletes eligible for the draft making the combine a more accurate and honest measure of ability.

Lessons learned

The NFL has been quick to adapt but many aptitude tests still try to be ‘tutor-proof’ which top test creators accept is impossible. At Chooter we know this approach is totally backwards. We shouldn’t discourage people from preparing for the most important tests of their life. Chooter is committed to providing a personalised, tested program for every student at a price that does not discriminate.

When it comes to an aptitude test designed to measure skills and abilities, preparing to showcase these skills is important. But this is easier said than done…

Students are often disappointed by vague advice and low-quality practice materials designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. After years spent tutoring students from across the country, the Chooter team has come together to deliver a smarter approach to aptitude test preparation.

Changing the Game

The Chooter team is using years of experience as the top paid admissions tutors in the country to design a system that adapts to the weaknesses and strengths of each student. We use Machine Learning to maximise the value of each hour spent learning.

We have rejected the one size fits all attitude of guidebooks and video courses. Chooter’s platform tracks your progress more accurately and incisively than any human tutor. We provide a service designed to identify the next step on your path and we can’t wait to help you get started.

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